Yukarı Çık

About Us

Bayraktar Plastic Co.Ltd. is one of the leader company in trading of plastic raw material and packaging sector since 1969.

Our company focused on packaging sector to market disposable foam trays and boxes.We are the first company which marketing of foam products to Turkish and foreign customers.

However,PET food containers,fruit containers,stretch films,plastic cups,cutlery,trays are in our main products for many years.Most of these products are producing under of our own brandname by leader OEM production companies in Turkiye.

We import PVC stretch film for food packaging,latex gloves,packaging machines and palette wrapping films since 1996 under the brandname of “baypack”.

Except our domestic sales,we have continuesly export sales to European,Balkan and Arabian countries.

Our company serves to our valuable customers with the gained experienced from different customer types around the world and high-quality and solution-based products and we aimed to increase our sales to top levels without to not take in consideration from our business culture and honesty.